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10 Fantastic Post 2000 Indie Songs You (Probably) Don't Know

Updated: Jan 16

A big draw for indie fans is the ability to keep finding undiscovered songs and artists overlooked by the mainstream. The post 2000's indie world has left us with plenty of big names to keep coming back to with the likes of Phoenix, Franz Ferdinand, Of Monsters and Men, Two Door Cinema Club and The Strokes. The catch there is that the big names in the indie scene only scratch the surface of the good music that is left to be discovered. In no particular order, here are ten fantastic indie songs you have probably never heard.

Pictured - Cloud Nothings (2012)

Toy Cars - Books (2017)

The first entry on this list comes from New Jersey rockers Toy Cars. From their Sleeping Patterns EP, Books finds itself as an under the radar gem somewhere in the post-punk family filled with attitude, powerful guitars and meaningful lyrics. The few reviews this EP did receive praised the Toys Car debut for its energy, touch of emo and cross genre draw with Books being at the forefront.

Flo Morrissey & Matthew White - Look at What the Light Did Now (2017)

This 2017 duet album of Matthew White and Flo Morrissey found itself just as cool and smooth as could be. Look at What the Light Did Now really is just as chill and groovy of a song as there has ever been. The duets between the two in the verses are just mesmerizing with soft, clean jazzy guitars propelling the minimal but noticeable momentum of the song. If this is one you have not heard, do yourself a favor and give it a spin on a rainy night.

Petty Cassettes - Rydo & Julianne (2021)

Now here's one I'm almost certain most listeners have not had the pleasure of hearing yet with its 5500 hundred streams on Spotify as of January of 2023. These Scottish indie rockers hit it out of the park on this powerful rock track with the lead guitar being the center of attention. The heartfelt lyrics and powerful chords leave this song well worth adding to your deep-cut indie playlists.

The New Pornographers - Sing Me Spanish Techno (2005)

The royalty of 2000's power-pop never quite got the hype they truly deserved with their debut album being arguably one of the best albums of 2000 and making a showing on our list, Five Underrated Albums of the 2000's. In this track from their third studio album, the band comes out swinging with a memorable guitar line bringing A.C. Newman into the verses. Newman hammers it home with all of the energy you would expect from this Canadian Supergroup. A great, formulaic indie pop song with as good of a hook as any.

The Reytons - On the Back Burner (2018)

What makes this 2018 track truly memorable is the clever and relatable lyrics. With a pleasant nod to Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys, this song tells the story of a bloke whose band never really took off. Filled with all of the excuses in the book from having kids, to friends in high places moving away, this song is a clever one for sure. Apart from the cheeky lyrics about overhype and never catching a break, rock-solid musicianship with subtle backing vocals makes this song an instant classic.

Twin Peaks - Making Breakfast (2014)

Twin Peaks released this energetic track in 2014 to the delight of the expansive Chicago garage rock scene. The song features an enthralling distortion and reverb laced guitar line hammering home up the chorus. With low pitched and ominous vocals by Clay Frankel, this song slipped under the radar for many indie fans just waiting to be discovered.

Cloud Nothings - I'm Not a Part of Me (2014)

Cleveland's Cloud Nothings hit a home run in 2014 with this song and an equally infectious album. In regard to talent and humability, the band finds itself towards the top of the modern post-punk sound with hints of emo and a bit of hardcore all bundled together in a tight indie rock outfit. Not just this song, but this whole album is worth the listen, especially if you have a soft spot for that Midwest emo sound.

Shout Out Louds - Please Please Please (2005)

From the 2005 record Howl Howl Gaff Gaff, Shout Out Louds have that classic jangly indie pop sound you could find in Northern Europe in the mid 2000's to the likes of Caesars or Peter Bjorn and John. Like much good music, I'll be the first to admit I found this song from a video game but I sure am glad I did. As a deeper cut from the early 2000's indie pop scene, this song is unlikely to come across many playlists but you can find it on our playlist, 2000's Alternative & Indie Rock.

White Rabbits - The Plot (2007)

White Rabbits may be a recognizable name from the track Percussion Gun and it's exciting drum intro but these New York rockers have a wider discography with songs like The Plot. This explosive 2007 rock song finds itself as an up-tempo and passion filled rollercoaster well worth some attention and some saves on Spotify.

The Spheres - City of Lights (2022)

This fresh indie track came to us at Melophobe as a song submission for one of our playlists and man did it stick out. With a synthpop style sound backing up lead-singer Reza Habib and his voice akin to Thom Yorke, these Toronto rockers could be a much more well-known indie act in the coming years, and deservingly so. The Spheres are a band to keep your eye on, especially if you have an ear for groups like Phoenix, Passion Pit, Bad Suns or MGMT.

The DIY attitude thankfully now has a well-deserved and accepted place in the world of music thanks to the growing ease of writing and recording. Which was once a place only for those signed by major labels, the modern indie scene has become a sea of creativity and uniqueness thanks to streaming services, social media, and well-established local music scenes. Support your local artists, have a keen ear for up-and-coming bands and keep listening for what's to come.

For an expanded look at many well-known indie songs and underground gems, check out 2000's Alternative & Indie Rock on Spotify!


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