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About Melophobe

Melophobe is a hub for any and all music content with a specific focus on album/single reviews including retrospective reviews for priorly released music. Melophobe also contains music rankings, spotlight articles and a handful of curated playlists spanning multiple genres with a general focus around alternative & indie rock. 

All content and reviews are our own. Dialogue is ALWAYS encouraged in our content. In the comments please tell us what you agree with, what you disagree with, and any other thoughts you may have on our reviews, rankings, and content!

All song submissions for playlist consideration, or any music content you would like to have reviewed can be sent through the "Contact Us" box below. Be sure to include a link to the song or album on Spotify. Due to the amount of submissions we get, follow us and send us a message on Instagram @melophobemusic including your song as well if possible. If a song or album is unreleased, please be sure to include a playable link to the music as files will not be opened. If we would like to add your song to a playlist, or review the content you sent us, you will be contacted via email. The "Contact Us" box below can also be used for any additional inquiries!

Wincing the Night Away - The Shins Album Review
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