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Beck & Phoenix "Odyssey" - Single Review


Beck & Phoenix "Odyssey" - Review

One would think when the alternative icon of Beck is paired with indie legends Phoenix, the result ought to be pure gold, right? The result certainly was not that though. A charming enough guitar line bounces around the vocals for the duration of the song and it would be dishonest to say the production quality is anything but top-tier however, this newest single is a far-cry from infectious and repeat-warranting indie gold you could expect from Phoenix. Apart from that, this probably is not a song you would expect the creative genius of Beck to put his name on either. In short, overproduced, uninteresting, unexpected and above everything, forgettable . The vocal back and forth between Thomas Mars and Beck seems forced and real awkward, although to their credit, the harmonies are pretty good. We at Melophobe thought the last album from Beck was really good, the last record from Phoenix was a tier below that of Beck's but it was still alright. With that in mind, this single was certainly a letdown, especially given the creative might at the helm. It's a pleasant enough summer song to let cycle through your summer playlist once or twice, mainly just out of respect for the artists though. This song will be buried deep in the discographies of Phoenix and Beck before too long. Swing and a miss on this one, but we are very excited for their tour which kicks off next month.


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