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Bilk "Bilk" - Album Review

Updated: Apr 27, 2023


From the suburbs of Essex in the UK, this trio has developed an impressive collection of singles over the past five years with their first full-length self-titled album being released early last month. If you like the rawness of the first two Arctic Monkeys albums, or newer bands like the Reytons have been catching your attention, give this album a spin. This trio finds itself as an explosive blend of punk rock, indie and rap rock providing yet another face for authentic and everyday English indie rockers.

Rap rock has always been a style that can be hard to succeed with. Too often rap rock can come out over the top, or some attempt at a Rage Against the Machine knock-off for whatever reason. Bilk on the other hand completely nailed the rap rock spirit on Stand Up. Perfectly authentic and contagious level of energy, just political enough, and a rally cry for a mosh pit at a live show. In seeing some live performances of Bilk scattered across the internet, putting on an impactful and powerful set is nothing foreign to these lads. That level of authenticity and raw power lets them nail a largely untouchable style of music.

Brand New Day emphasizes the more traditional and stylistically simple punk rock with a breakdown and outro sounding akin to a Dead Kennedy’s song. The bluntness and straightforward punk rock attitude cuts through excellently on Daydreamer and Hummus and Pita while serious credit also ought to be awarded for all the dynamic color in the two acoustic tracks, It’s No Longer There, and the especially beautiful Part and Parcel, a nice campfire singalong style song. Frontman Sol Abrahams has himself a real gift at singing. Us fans of punk rock know that can be quite far and few between in this genre. There are a few times on It’s No Longer There where he unsettlingly stretches a bit out his range and comes up a bit flat but hey, that’s rock n’ roll.

With some great singles over the last few years, those of us anticipating their first studio album ought to be very pleased. Bilk’s self-titled debut album is perhaps the strongest punk record released this year so far, with plenty of color and stylistic creativity, especially the indie pop-esque 10 O’clock that closes out the record. 11 songs with plenty to like, and not too much to roll your eyes at. Those of us on the west side of the pond ought to be hoping Bilk has a North American tour in the works for the near future.


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