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Charles Walker "Caught in the Current" - Review


Nashville based indie artist Charles Walker released his newest single Caught in the Current earlier this month seamlessly intertwining indie rock with the more traditional, Nashville country sound. In an attempt to mesh the two genres which generally fails to mend that well, Walker seemed to have found the sweet spot, doing it phenomenally. Mixing electric guitar, with pedal-steel guitar, the artist crafted one incredibly interesting and sonically pleasing songs, with plenty to like.

Walker's vocals above the instrumentation go hand in glove. With a voice more akin to the indie rock realm, the song really does not feel much like a country song, leaving us to include it on our 2000's Alternative & Indie Rock Playlist, but the twang of the guitar adds a beautiful element of color, too often missing from modern rock. In a similar manner to say Gone for Good, by The Shins, the pedal-steel adds grace to the emotive lyrics.

Charles will have his release show in his hometown of Charolotte, North Carolina at The Evening Muse this Friday (8/26). This will be another under-the-radar artist to keep your eye on.


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