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Dan Sharp "Interstellar Runaway" - Review

Dan Sharp - Interstellar Runaway

Starting as some form of a duet between Dan and his guitar, New Zealand based singer-songwriter Dan Sharp's newest single Interstellar Runaway, meshes notes of country-rock, with harder hitting indie and alternative rock. Building up and hitting a climax somewhere around the 2-minute mark, Dan does an excellent job of taking the listener somewhere they may not have been expecting to go after the mellow beginning of the track. In listening to the rest of Dan's discography, he has a gifted, raspy voice, adding a genuine authenticity and uniqueness to his words, something you would expect to hear from an American country artist, but not in this case. Throughout this new song and his previously released music, the authenticity and musical backing of these tracks is something to continue to keep your eye on.


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