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Doc Emmett - Artist Spotlight

Doc Emmett - Artist Spotlight

New Jersey’s music scene has always been a fertile ground for raw talent and innovative sounds. Among the more recent to emerge from this vibrant landscape, consisting of bands like Yo La Tengo, The Feelies, The Front Bottoms, and Real Estate, is Matt Caponegro, better known by his stage name, Doc Emmett. Matt just releasing his newest single Destroy Me to the streaming world, continues to etch his path into the modern indie scene. With a career spanning over a decade, Matt has evolved from a passionate local show-goer to a seasoned musician touring and recording with various bands. His journey is a testament to dedication and the relentless pursuit of musical expression.

Matt’s musical odyssey began at the tender age of 16, frequenting local shows and immersing himself in the live music culture. “I’ve been in music for about 10-12 years, touring and recording with various artists and bands,” Matt shares. His early experiences laid the groundwork for what would become a dynamic and evolving career.

One of the defining moments of his career came recently when he had the opportunity to open for Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem at The House of Independence in Asbury Park. “That was an absolute blast,” Matt recalls, describing the honor of performing at the venue’s grand reopening after flood damage had temporarily shut it down. This experience underscored his rising profile in the indie music scene and the recognition of his talent.

For much of his career, Matt collaborated with others, playing in various bands, most notably Toy Cars (which was initially how Matt was exposed to us years ago through a song submission for our 2000’s Alternative and Indie Rock Playlist). “Toy Cars was a boots-on-the-ground kind of band. We toured as much as we could, whether it was just some weekenders, weeks, or months,” he explains. The band was known for its relentless touring and DIY ethic, with Matt contributing significantly to their songwriting. Their solid 2017 EP Sleeping Patterns, released on Counter Intuitive Records, marked a milestone before the band’s increasing commitments pushed his solo project, Doc Emmett, to the back burner.

Doc Emmett - Artist Spotlight

Doc Emmett represents Matt’s first venture as the primary songwriter and singer, a role he finds deeply rewarding. “I spent a lot of 2020-2021 in my old basement just writing and tracking out my ideas,” he says. This period of intense creative activity allowed him to refine and reinvent his skills to develop a sound that blends catchy melodies with experimental guitar work before meeting with Engineer/Producer Erik Romero.

Influenced by artists like Richard Charles Edwards of Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, Matt admires the storytelling and emotional expression in his music. His love for new wave and post-punk from the 1980s has also shaped his sound, with a distinctive use of guitar effects that add a warped, pitchy, yet audible individuality to his music.

Looking ahead, Doc Emmett has big plans including local shows in New Jersey, hopefully alongside New York and Pennsylvania, and a new EP in the works. “I want to get back in the habit of recording numerous songs at a clip,” he says, aiming for a substantial release in 2025, with the potential for an LP on the horizon. Matt’s ability to blend emotive storytelling with innovative sounds makes him a standout artist in today’s indie scene. As he continues to evolve and expand his reach, Doc Emmett is an artist to keep tabs on for the likely possibility of a bright future filled with compelling music.

Be sure to check out Doc Emmett’s new releases and upcoming shows. Follow him on Instagram @docemmettmusic for the latest updates!


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