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OK Go "This" - Review


OK Go "This" - Review

Almost 21 years after OK Go released their fantastic yet underrated debut album, the band still has it, clear as day. Fresh, but still nostalgic, dynamically tasteful yet most of all, as catchy as could be, which ought to be expected from OK Go. Damian Kulash still harnesses a deeply unique and gracefully pleasant voice, heard at the forefront of their newest track This. Filled with huge horns, the chorus begs to be played on repeat. Alongside the powerful chorus, acoustic guitar underneath Kulash's voice ads tasteful dynamic contour, before the band comes back in, in a powerful, elated fashion.

This newest single can go toe-to-toe with any of the noteworthy tracks of the bands past, Don't Ask Me, This Too Shall Pass, Upside Down & Inside Out, any of them. There's really not much to take issue with here if feel good indie rock is your thing. Although the band received an astonishing amount of acclaim for their creative and clever music videos, never let that overshadow the indie rock powerhouse this band really is.


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