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Secret Menu "Jack and Jill" - Single Review


Secret Menu "Jack and Jill" - Single Review

The Wisconsin-based rock band Secret Menu released Jack and Jill quite a bit earlier in the year, back in May, one month before the rest of the self-titled EP was released. Once the track was sent our way, we just had to do a write-up. Taking garage rock sensibilities tied to the iconic '90s alternative rock sound, the single is genuinely jaw-dropping. The band adds plenty of color throughout the track, starting with a guitar prelude building into the tasteful vocal intro, before the rest of the band follows suit. Piping hot guitars paired with the occasional keyboard lick make the song not just catchy but quite technical, as the band constantly builds up layers and then tears them apart, even adding a bit of mixed-meter action to please us musicians. The band's guitar tone especially just screams turn-of-the-century, rock-solid indie rock.

It's quite clear the group's got some talent and plenty of attitude, something that is seemingly harder and harder to find in modern indie. Secret Menu nailed it; they took sounds of garage rock, rap-rock, and post-punk and appealingly expressed it all on Jack and Jill. With top-notch emotive lyrical writing backed by expert musicality, what's not to like?


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