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The Spheres "Medicine" - Review


The Spheres "Medicine" - Review

The third single from Canadian indie rockers, The Spheres, comes at the perfect time. The nostalgia fueled summery track Medicine finds itself as the perfect single to wrap summer up on. The fresh, new

song withholds the infectious synth and keyboard sound which has become a staple to the band but adds a chamber pop hint of Arcade Fire with all of the sonic fulfillment that one could expect from a track off of The Suburbs or Funeral.

In going back between a powerful chorus, and softer more nostalgic verses, listeners will have to work hard to grow tired of all the colorful dynamic contrast and deep, deep, musical intricacies of the band. For listeners with an ear to new-wave and synth heavy 80's rock, yet who still have a soft spot convincing guitars, The Spheres are certainly a band for you. Fingers crossed the guys have a full-length album in the works for some time in the near future.


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