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Spotify Playlist Song Submission Form

We are always looking for song submissions for our 2000's Alternative & Indie Rock playlist or any of our other Spotify playlists. If you, your band or your client would like to submit a song for playlist placement consideration, please complete the form. In an effort to prevent spam and encourage only serious submissions, there is a $2.49 processing fee for all submissions. All submissions will be met with an insightful and valuable response from one of our curators regarding the submitted song and if it will be receiving placement.

Songs are selected solely based on quality and how they fit within the playlist's genre and style. Just because a song is submitted does not mean it will be receiving placement. Our curators will carefully analyze every submission we recieve and provide the submitter with valuable input regarding the submission. If a track is not deemed worthy of placement, our curators will describe their reasoning such as what was lacking or stylistic inconsistencies via email to the submitter. Due to the amount of submissions we have been recieivng, increasing incedences of spam submission and the amount of time it takes to carefully and thoughtfully review each submission, we are now charging a small proccessing fee.

Thanks for submitting!

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