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Bealby Point - Artist Spotlight

Bealby Point, the west coast Canadian four-piece band hailing from Vancouver, is making waves in the music scene with their captivating blend of guitar forward rock. Formed officially in 2018, the band members—Clay, Zack, Jack, and Jordan—had been honing their musical skills individually for years before coming together to create something special.

The origins of the Canadian four-piece can be traced back to the early days when Clay and Zack would jam together at Clay's house, playing classic rock covers and experimenting with their own original compositions. Meanwhile, Jack and Jordan would meet up at Jordan's place, where they would passionately run through a setlist consisting of established indie heavy-hitters such as The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys covers. It was destiny that eventually brought the four musicians together at a summer party, where they realized their shared ambitions and decided to form a band.

Eager to explore their potential as musicians, the group wasted no time in crafting songs and entering the local Vancouver music scene. Their initial performances across Vancouver were met with enthusiasm and the level of enthusiasm from fans and listeners has only increased.

The band has drawn inspiration from a wide array of artists, ranging from rock icons, The Red Hot Chili Peppers to indie bands like Bahamas and Peach Pit. It’s not too challenging to hear the more classic rock influence in their music resigning from The Eagles and The Beatles. The bands interesting mix of influence has led to quite a diverse sound, leaving fans anxious for more new releases.

Throughout their five year run so far, Bealby Point has had the opportunity to play Vancouver's prestigious Rickshaw Theater. Playing at this renowned venue was a defining moment for the band, solidifying their presence in the local music scene. They were also invited to perform at the NXNE Showcase in Toronto, an honor that marked their first gig outside of Vancouver. While Bealby Point has yet to embark on a full-fledged tour, they have already made their mark far beyond Vancouver with an expanding streaming and social media presence all over the world.

Nailing down a specific sound for Bealby Point, is quite a challenge, but it can be best described as guitar-based rock, infused with a modern alt-rock sound while drawing inspiration from the golden eras of the '70s and '80s. The band’s two newest singles America and Coded Personalities exhibit a more nostalgic heartland rock sound and a more traditional, pacific northwest indie-rock sound respectively.

In staying as an unsigned indie act, Bealby Point has continued to gain traction as pandemic restrictions eased in 2022, allowing them to connect with fans on a deeper level during live shows. Their online following has steadily grown through the strategic use of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, which have provided a behind-the-scenes look into the band's creative process and endeavors. This organic approach, combined with the streaming services' support, has helped Bealby Point amass over a million streams, further solidifying their presence in the music landscape.

The band's songwriting process is often a collaborative effort, fueled by individual inspirations and experiences. Back to their track America, Jack, the band's vocalist, sketched out some lyrics and composed the song's chord changes on his acoustic guitar. The concept of falling in and out of love in the face of tragedy led Jack to personify America, turning it into that nostalgia filled, heartland rock patriotic anthem that resonates with listeners.

I'm So Bummed Out Right Now was born out of a vacation moment when Jordan and Jack were away while Clay and Zack attended a Peach Pit concert, a favorite band of theirs. Feeling some FOMO (how could you not when your friends are at a Passion Pit Concert?), Jordan messaged Jack, stating, "I'm so bummed out right now." Inspired by the feeling of being far away from friends, Jack channeled the FOMO into a song which has now garnered over 500,000 streams on Spotify.

Looking ahead into the summer, the guys will be opening for The Jins, another talented Vancouver act who will be having their album release show at the Rickshaw Theatre on July 7th. Additionally, the band will be headlining at The Pearl on September 8th in Vancouver. While international shows are not on their immediate horizon, the band's future holds the promise of new horizons and the potential for expanding their live performances globally. Even with the proximity of Vancouver to the US, although crossing the border to see music is a rather simple task, crossing the border to play music is not quite as simple as someone who is speaking from experience.

Listeners can expect more exciting music from the group in the near future. The band plans to release several singles throughout the remainder of the year eventually paving the way for a full-length album down the line. As they continue to evolve and reach new heights, Bealby Point is poised to leave their unique mark on the up and coming indie music scene and beyond.

Be sure to catch Bealby Point's upcoming shows in Vancouver and keep your eye out for new singles.

You can find Bealby Point on Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter and Facebook.


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