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Dan Sharp "Between The Brave, Bold and Given Up" - Review

Updated: Jun 12

Dan Sharp "Between The Brave, Bold and Given Up" - Review

Dan Sharp’s Between the Brave, Bold and Given Up is a moving journey through the highs and lows of human emotion, blending the depth of his previous work with a fresh, dynamic edge. In his first full-length studio album Sharp masterfully combines solemn intros with powerful build-ups, creating songs that linger with impactful outros. His voice, both raspy and crisp, captures a raw sincerity that complements his country-style delivery over folk and rock tunes. In speaking with, Dan explains "this album is my attempt at peeling back the superficial and making sense of the truths that sit beneath. In casting a light on shadowy places, I hope this music letslisteners do the same for themselves with its beauty, its honesty and ultimately, its optimism. It was made with a lot of passion and energy from some incredibly talented Kiwi musicians. Self-funded, self-produced, this is the full-band sound I’ve been working toward for some time and is the culmination of the last few years of writing and performing."

Sharp’s songwriting prowess shines through in tracks like Burn the Midnight Oil and Empty Pockets, where his ability to marry emotive lyrics with heartfelt melodies is particularly evident. The album’s standout tune, Oxygenated and Man Don't Cry, exemplify this blend of vulnerability and strength, featuring his distinctive vocal style that is simultaneously fragile and resolute. Along that path, Dan expresses his ability as a rock musician through these two tunes in perhaps the records most direct manner.

Oxygenated is a compelling, rock forward mix of delicate guitar work and evocative storytelling, while Man Don't Cry stands out for its poignant exploration of resilience and emotion. Both tracks demonstrate Sharp's willingness to expose his vocal vulnerability, creating an emotive yet nuanced impact that resonates with listeners.

With Between the Brave, Bold and Given Up, Sharp solidifies his place as a unique voice in contemporary indie music, offering a deeply personal yet universally relatable listening experience. The mix of new material and familiar tracks from his previous EP, Man Don't Cry, creates a cohesive and enriching album that captures the essence of Sharp’s artistic evolution. This album is a testament to Sharp’s ability to create music that is both introspective and powerful, making it a must-listen for fans of authentic and heartfelt music.


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