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Dan Sharp "Man Don't Cry" - EP Review

Dan Sharp "Man Don't Cry" - EP Review

New Zealand based singer-songwriter Dan Sharp released his third EP earlier this month again rejuvinating listeners with his unique, country-esque twang masked alongside indie rock instrumentation. Dan confidently delivers his heartfelt lyrics in a captivating, yet though-provoking manner. On this release, Dan touches on a variety of sounds, tempos and lyrical matter to a level quite impressive for only four songs.

Dan's EP-titled opening single captures his twang expertly while introducing an ubeat, guitar driven melody behind him. The track, also incorporates a catchy, saxophone sound, heard again in the following and more mellow track Champagne Towers. Interstellar Runaway, which was released a bit earlier this year which will seemingly remain as the standout track from the EP showcasing his unique, raspy, twang even better than the other three tracks. The singalong, sax-laced outro just forces the listeners to belt out the repeating vocals.

For only 14 minutes of music, there's a ton to love here. Whether it''s the raw, exposed, stripped down closing track Old Chris, the anthem-esque Interstellar Runaway, or the more indie rock forward EP titled track, Dan certaintly has a gift and it's always a treat to dive into his releases. Although Dan has yet to play live in North America, I can confiedently assume he and his sound would thrive before a Nashville audience. Dan's style is perfect for the desires of North American aduiences as of now, and I don't see that desire for country-esque indie rock to be going anywhere anytime soon.


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