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Petty Cassettes "Picking Petals" - Single Review


Petty Cassette's came onto our radar at Melophobe a while back with their 2021 single Rydo and Julianne catching a spot on our list 10 Fantastic Post 2000 Indie Songs You (Probably) Don't Know. This time around, the Scottish punk rockers took a full force approach to Picking Petals laced with raw punk power and an indie rock undertone. Catchy layered guitars alongside a driving, cranked up bass groove will again be leaving listeners wanting more. Critics of punk generally point towards lack of dynamic changes as a primary gripe, but with the explosion of post-punk in the early 80's to now, gripes like that are almost always behind us, and Petty Cassette's use of loud and soft in this track makes the song just that much better. In looking through the growing Petty Cassettes discography, talent-filled post punk with all sorts of dynamic changes is definitely one of the strengths of these guys.


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