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Walk the Moon "Walk the Moon" - Retrospective Review

Updated: Apr 27, 2023


Southern Ohio's prodigal indie sons Walk the Moon released their second and self-titled album in 2012 following their 2010 self-released album i want! i want!. Full of synthy and fast-paced tracks, this album set the stage for these guys to create a unique sound in the alt/indie/electronic space. The (at the time) quartet fits somewhere between the alt-pop sound of Young the Giant, to the more alt-rock style of Atlas Genius. The debut has the perfect ebb and flow of upbeat synth pop songs paired with slower, more colorful tunes.

Although the Ohio rockers are known by the generic masses for forcefully exploding into the mainstream with Shut Up and Dance in 2014, their self-titled record holds some of their best alt-indie tracks to date.

The bright and punchy opening track Quesadilla highlights the bass work of Kevin Ray (before his untimely ejection from the group), and just sets the tone for the catchy and repetitive flow of the LP. Lisa Baby is a bit slower paced, but is perfectly nestled between Quesadilla and Next in Line. This song shows the softer side of the Ohio Boys as slightly more of a ballad than some of the other up-tempo and punchy tracks while also showcasing their ability to seamlessly transition between sounds on a single track.

Anna Sun sits undoubtedly as the most popular track from the album. Inspired by lead singer Nicholas Petricca’s favorite college professor, this song is positively a summer anthem that should be added to your playlists immediately if it's not already. An homage to being young and stupid during your college years, Anna Sun perfectly embodies what every 20 something has lived through. After becoming a surprise hit over 10 years ago, this banger is still featured in the heavy rotation of indie playlists and triple A radio.

Jenny and Fixin’ are two more synth bombs that seamlessly guide you through the ethereal, synthy bliss that is this record while the light and airy track, I Can Lift a Car closes out the record in a peaceful way that finds itself almost meditative.

With so many memorable tracks, this album will have you groovin’ for days this summer. Although the record may have flown under the radar or have been “too poppy” for some alt fans, trust me, it's always worth the listen.


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