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Hozier "Eat Your Young" - EP Review

Updated: Mar 25, 2023


Last week, Irish singer/songwriter Hozier, released his three track EP Eat Your Young after a four-year run of non-album singles. This interestingly soulful EP leaves listeners with plenty to enjoy, and a hopeful anticipation for a full-length album to be released in the relatively near future. Hozier’s Irish heritage, along with his soulful early influence cut through immaculately on the 11-minute stretch of music.

The lead off track Eat Your Young takes the stage as the A-1 track of the short EP filled with emotional soul influence paired with some pleasant musicianship from the string arrangements to the subtle guitar. As you may expect from an artist with the sheer grandeur of Hozier, the mix was done superbly, yet the track still finds itself just disconnected enough from the sounds of the standard North American top 40 to be easily accessible to more than just pop listeners.

The mix and post-production on the following two tracks All Things End and Through Me (The Flood) is again done as crisp as could be. The closing track Through Me (The Flood) features Hozier’s charmingly Irish voice oh so well filled with soul and imagery laced lyrics.

All three tracks on the EP are worth the listen, with the opening and the closing tracks being the noticeably stronger of the three. Fingers crossed Hozier has more music in the works to be released in the near future.


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