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Bad Bad Mary "Passenger Side" - Single Review

Updated: Mar 29, 2023


If the 1975 and Depeche Mode somehow managed to create a synth-fueled alternative love child, what you would be left with is Bad Bad Mary. This Portuguese indie quintet has begun to form themselves an impressive and groovy catalogue in the streaming world over the past two years with their first single Follow Me, being released in 2021. Their new single Passenger Side sounds as dopamine-riddled and sunshine laced as any single this year. With plenty of 80's influenced synths, and vocal effects, this new track is infectiously good, in a similar vein to Life Was Easier When, I Only Cared About Me from Bad Suns, released this past year. If you like new-wave indie, get ready for a real treat with this one.


2000's alternative & indie rock playlist cover 2.JPEG
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